This is the LKW Transportation VTLOG page.

LKW has been a diverse group of people all over the world from the beginning. We're a VTC in the virtual trucking community, hauling goods in Europe and the US.

LKW was first founded by our Founder, Stroms, in late 2014 but was officially opened in April of 2015, and unfortunately closed down in May 2019 due to a management decision.

LKW is now back with a new management team and new ideas to bring the company back on top, and give you the best experience you can have in the TruckersMP VTC community.

Interested in joining us? 

Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/EuxDSTx

Our website: https://lkwtr.weebly.com/

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Jobs logged

265,740 km

Distance driven

55,101 t

Cargo moved

90,275 L

Fuel used